Private Consultations

Spiritual Midwifery. Sisterhood. Guidance. Nurturing. Mentoring. Holding Space for Growth. Communion.

Come to my home office! I love to sit privately with women to discuss your personal dreams and aspirations, your unique path of growth and development in a safe and supportive environment. Some women are more comfortable working one-on-one than in a group. Others find that personal time deepens their experience of the circles and their commitment to self-development.Some are looking or life-coaching, especially at significant passages such as retirement. Consultations include private time to talk about the deep issues and goals of your life, recommendations to enhance creativity, assist direction, and assure commitment to a personal process of growth. Individual sessions can be designed to meet your needs and can also include labyrinth walks, mandala making, and private rituals on the land of the Center for the Sacred Feminine. With over 30 years of experience as a teacher, writer, women's studies scholar, and mentor, I'd love to design session(s) to meet your needs and desires. (I also love working on and editing manuscripts for publication.) Cost: $50.00 an hour. (Phone consultations are also available; call me!)