The CSF Newsletter

$10.00 provides you with a year's worth of mailings from the Center, including special large editions at Candlemas (February 2), Beltane (May 2), Lammas (August 2) and Hallowmas (October 31) with information about the holy day, seasonal goddesses, recommended readings and words of wisdom. Newsletters also include current offerings of the Center, dates for women?s circles, retreats, and salons, and sisters' words about the Center and their lives. Your payment assures you of a year's worth of newsletters and mailings about offerings as they occur, and enables you to register in advance for events you don?t want to miss. This is the easiest way to support the work of the Center. Read, enjoy, and pass on the newsletter. Send $10.00 to P.O. Box 86884, Tucson, AZ 85754.