In Your Own Words
(thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in cards & evaluations)

I'm still in a glow from retreat. It was an incredible experience in so many ways. Your loving energies created a very special environment in which each one of us could feel secure and strong, nourished and supported. I imagine us all returning to our individual lives transformed, with a hublot replica stronger connection to the beauty within and surrounding us. Your retreats provide the nourishment we need to open our hearts and bring forth a rich bounty of loving kindness and compassion for ourselves and our world. You are truly a blessing. Thank you.--Jane Wenk

There aren't words for me to replica watches decribe this retreat and what it meant to me to take time in the labyrinth and walk by the river, to listen to the birds and sing with my sisters. The joining of the physical location and the spiritual experience of ritual and song made this retreat a benchmark in my journey. The extra time served well in allowing our sisters to truly relax and enjoy free time in this beautiful place. I noticed more women made a journey to the river and along the river path, sat in the gazebo, relaxed in the hammock, and sat in the replica watches uk courtyard, enjoying the quiet time and talking softly. This seemed like a perfect blending of scheduled activities and free time...You are a marvelous mentor, as are our sisters, as we journey in this world together. Thank you!--Susan Keys

I want to thank you for retreat, for circle, for support, for the beautiful spaces you create and the love that flows through them. I am still holding on to bits of wisdom that came my way during retreat. Life seems a bit easier. Thank you for that, too.--Ksenija Simic

The retreat was appropriately named. It was a healing experience. You women are warm, caring, accepting, nonjudgemental, beautiful spiritual leaders. My favorite thing was interacting with all the beautiful women! You do a great service for the women who attend the retreats.I believe you create balance in the world with all your good energy. --Lourdes Villegas

How can I ever thank you for your wise, generous, loving spirit and your living example of all that we can be as women? For the womb space you have created, that you nurture and tend and hold in readiness for all women to use on their very personal journey. It is truly a womb space of the spirit. In joy and gratitude, Ann Bolinger-McQuade

I must say again how grateful I am that spirit guided me to be part of this retreat, and I do believe with all my heart that I was meant to be there! I was reminded that Wisdom is within me, always, and I returned home overflowing with Gratitude, Love, Confidence, Courage, and Compassion. Thank you! --Dana Lewallen

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the beautiful creation you have birthed in the Center. The Center truly is a womb space, as you say. Just knowing that it exists in the world assures and affirms my experience of life and myself.
The retreat was powerful and healing. I had an opportunity to connect with my sisters, the Earth Mother, and to spend some quality time with me. As a Mom, it was truly a blessing. I am grateful for your ability to manifest such wonderful creative energy! Thanks for reminding us that we are all Goddesses! --Sarah Parks

Being on retreat was like slipping into a soft warm bath after a long, hard day! It was refreshing, relaxing, peaceful, and sufficiently social.I loved the compassion and freedom to be me in all my divinity and share in others' growth and wisdom. --Shelley Tait

The retreat was a complete shedding of stale attitudes, no matter how hard I tried to cling to them! And in letting them go, I found I could reach deeper and shed even more. I truly felt like a good friend to myself and began to view my life journey as more of an adventure rather than a chore. The wonderful people, the comraderie, the joy...I could feel the vibrations everywhere. I loved the 7 Directions Movement Meditation.I loved the singing. I loved us all together.
I think I was really reaching deep and harvesting seeds that are 40 years old. Now they're all shed and thrown out with joy. The gathering will be so much more abundant. Thank you so much! --Patricia Steele

The retreats are becoming an ever-deepening spiral of spiritual succor and joy, always fresh and new, building strength for my path and enhancing my trust and belief in our sisterhood. Dancing and singing under the full moon-ahhh! The pacing-time to wonder and wander, to chat and remain silent, to learn and to absorb, to meditate and raise power as a sisterhood...Lifegiving! Blessed be! --Jo Searles

Dear Wise Woman, Healer, Midwife of my Power-full, Loving, Confident, Authentic Self,
You are a blessing given to all women, everywhere. Your words, your ways, inspire and guide me on my path to Wholeness, to Holiness.
I realize now that anything is possible, because of your teachings.
You help me to find those parts of myself that have always been there, but were hidden under the layers of hurts.
Know, Wisewoman, that my thanks are abundant and the world thanks you because you?ve midwifed one more Strong, Loving, Beauty-full woman into this world.
Blessed Be with the Love of the Lady,
Tara Maldonado Oster

Your energy, grounding, compassion, wisdom, and joy create the nest all the rest of us need to relax, process, grow, and play. Thank you! --Sally Wasowski

I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the work and planning that you do for us on retreat. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and for the opportunities you provide for spiritual growth and guidance. Thank you, Donna, for sharing your ideas and your vision, and for making such a positive difference in our lives! --Jane Wenk

The retreat was a beautiful, connecting, relaxing experience. I was amazed at how sweetly I felt welcomed into a brand new women's community. The openness and nonjudgmental atmosphere and the feeling of acceptance were prevalent for me. . . . I thank you!
--Lara Hunsucker

Thank you for giving us a piece of Heaven. --Helga White

Your teachings have been invaluable. There is so much healing that we do through ritual and music, myth and story, and the circle has been a rich source of all that and more. For all the trouble that my Northeastern temperament has had adjusting to Arizona, I know that I am blessed to be here, if only for all that I have learned through discovering the Sacred Feminine in myself as a result of my involvement in the circle and retreats.
--Trish Ranger-Moore

The Center, bless its sacred heart, treats and re-treats us with an ever-changing gathering, one that decorates the wheel of the year with spirit and love. The atmosphere of love - aware, a bit mystical, washing us all with waves of sisterhood - my favorite thing. Thank you Donna and Sue for creating such a refreshing and renewing time out of time. --Jo C. Searles