The Scholarship Fund: Spirit Well

The scholarship fund is being renamed "Spirit Well" as it more clearly expresses our desire and commitment to assist other sisters in nourishing body, mind, and spirit as they experience the spiritual insight and sisterhood at the Center. We have sisters who live at poverty level, who are rolex oyster perpetual disabled, who are single mothers, who just make enough to live and eat (you may have been there once yourself). By being able to dip into Spirit Well we can provide the support for sisters who need financial assistance to attend would be next to impossible.

The Center is committed to providing scholarship assistance to women with financial need to make the cost of retreats and other events more affordable. Your donations to Spirit Well Help make dreams become reality and enable women to attend circles, playshops, and retreats. Previous donations enabled 4 women to receive partial scholarships to the Autumn Equinox Retreat. Please donate whatever you can to assist other sisters. 4 women will need scholarship assistance to attend the Spring Equinox Retreat... other sisters need their way paid at circle... this is women supporting women in action!